error 8100030

error 8100030

Post by fuad » Sun, 19 Nov 2006 07:16:22

hello and thank you for your help

I wanna aske how can I solve this erroe in MSN 8100030 - .NET Developer Portal of Choice

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2. "Direct3D9: (ERROR) :Error trying to lock driver surface" error when using VMR9


I'm trying to run a video on a texture surface and use it in my
I have to use a separate render loop (not presenting in AP's
PresentImage), so my fps is not locked to the video's fps.

I've made a custom allocator-presenter for VMR9, but I get huge lags,
the graph is delaying frames, sometimes it stops rendering for 2-3
seconds and even more (while the sound continues to render). I get
this debug error most of the time:
Direct3D9: (ERROR) :Error trying to lock driver surface

This error comes out even when not using the texture! VSYNC is not
helping much, except it's making the errors coming rarely, but still
most of the frames are delayed or not desplayed at all.

I've spend weeks googling this, asking people, trying different code I
have found no answer to this.

I've tried using double buffering (rendering with a texture, getting
videodata in another texture), it's the same thing. I come to think
it's not a texture surface that the VMR is trying to lock, it's
something else.

Any help will be much apreciated!


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