Configuring Antivirus vs. File Transfers

Configuring Antivirus vs. File Transfers

Post by John Jay S » Fri, 07 Apr 2006 17:36:37

If anyone knows how I can make it work with avast antivirus home edition I
would appreciate it


Kenny -

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-Arthur C. Clarke
File Transfer:

Have been lately facing a problem in configuring an antivirus for file
transfers in "Scan flies for viruses using:" test box, when you include the
path of the antivirus with command parameters as shown below in section (1),
MSN Messenger is not sending the file name and path in the command line but
instead its sending a command parameter which is "ls!" as shown below in
section (2), and the antivirus is unable to scan the file transferred and it
throws an error with a message "Path ls! is invalid path".

File transfer command line:
The following example applies to Nod32 Antivirus.
Command Line in Messenger:
"C:\Program Files\ESET\nod32.exe" /selfcheck- /list- /quit- /scanfile+
/scanboot- /scanmbr- /scanmem- /arch+ /sfx+ /adware /unsafe /prompt

MSN MessengerExecuting:
"C:\Program Files\ESET\nod32.exe" /selfcheck- /list- /quit- /scanfile+
/scanboot- /scanmbr- /scanmem- /arch+ /sfx+ /adware /unsafe /prompt ls!

Sceen Shot:

Sharing Folders:
Also when sharing a folder with contacts, I get a message to download a
"free virus scanning for Messenger", where an antivirus already exists on
the machine.

Thanks and Best Regards;

Configuring Antivirus vs. File Transfers

Post by Jamie Elli » Mon, 10 Apr 2006 23:06:48

Avast Home and AVast Pro 4.6.763 Latest

i been actively testing the Avast file scanners the last couple of hours

I can confirm to get Avast to scan incoming files in MSN and Yahoo Messenger
whould be the same (if anyone got that here).

you need to:
"C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashWebSv.exe" -


Jamie Ellis
Live Messenger Beta Tester

PS: i use Avast Pro - i do not know about NOD and AVG however if you were to
do screenshots of the program file folder e.g. program files/avg or
something i try and suggest