Adding contacts and spam requests from multiple contacts.

Adding contacts and spam requests from multiple contacts.

Post by TGF3e » Wed, 03 Mar 2010 00:41:02

I've had this problem for years and its gradually got worse and worse.
Whenever I add a contact to my messenger it fails to add them properly, right
clicking only gives me the option to "send email" to the person, I then
delete the contact and add them again for it to show as "send offline"

The contact never comes online though, I've tried this with multiple people
and multiple accounts and the only way I can add and chat with someone as
normal who is new is if they add me first and I get a add request from them.

I also seem to get hundreds of requests to add contacts, mostly spam ones
and old contacts I've deleted. There seems to be a monumental problem with my
MSN account as its about 10 years old now, my newer account works just fine
but I need the old one working as its my primary account.

Adding contacts and spam requests from multiple contacts.

Post by Jonathan K » Thu, 04 Mar 2010 09:51:46


Since this has been happening for years, I assume this means through several versions?
Assuming yes, Messenger would've re-built the local contact store, so it's most likely
something wrong with your account on the server side. Unfortunately your best bet is to get
this escalated by directly contacting Messenger support:

Note that it will probably take at least one reply by you after your initial request to have
your problem escalated even though it's quite obviously not a problem you can locally fix.

Re: spam requests. The latest bunch seem to have come from the various spammers who have
collected Messenger and Hotmail credentials throughout the last few years by using phishing
schemes. Even though you personally may not have given out your username and password, if
*anyone* else on your contact list did, spammers can now log into their account, grab their
entire contact list and sell them off the highest bidder. Sadly it seems that Messenger will
need better spam controls in the future to handle this problem.

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Adding contacts and spam requests from multiple contacts.

Post by TGF3e » Sat, 06 Mar 2010 04:55:01

Thanks for your response, I'd hoped you would respond and confirm what I
first thought. I've always thought it was something to do with the server
side of things as it has happened over a few versions now and just gets
worse. At present I'm no longer able to add contacts to speak to unless they
add me. What are the chances of MSN taking this more seriously and fixing it
their side?