Can't see people's WLM Display Pictures

Can't see people's WLM Display Pictures

Post by QmVlck51dE » Fri, 07 Dec 2007 03:36:00

I used to see everyone's display picture but this stopped a few weeks ago .
I was running WLM 8.1 but upgraded to 8.5 today and still no pictures. I see
my own, and others see it fine. When somebody I know logs on to WLM I
briefly see their picture at the bottom of my monitor with a message telling
me they logged on, but if I chat with them the picture is gone.

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My website,, seems to be having issues recently with
some people being able to view all the pictures on the STARLIGHT page (click
link on navigation bar), and some people unable to view. I read through
posts, went back, ungrouped all pictures, and still there are issues. Yet I
can see all images (with IE and Mozilla) and other people can too (with PC
and with MAC). Any likely cause for this and possible solution? The person
that first brought it to my attention uses internet explorer (not sure what
version), and someone else in another city also emailed me that they can't
see the images.
Thanks for your help.

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