Audio quality issues when having Video Conversation

Audio quality issues when having Video Conversation

Post by VG9tbW » Tue, 28 Mar 2006 07:52:48

I have a 2mb downstream/1mb upstream braodband connection to the Internet. I
use Skype video conversations very successfuly on my setup with good quality
on both audio and video. I also use Computer Call feature of Messenger 8.0
without a problem too but when I try Video Conversation then audio quality
become jerky with beginning of words being cut off, video refresh is really
slow and I get a message on Messenger window saying that my connection
appears slow. The guys at Microsoft are asking me to do a bunch of complex
things including messing around in my registry in order to try and get to the
bottom of this but surely with no problems in Skype or Computer Call area
there must be something fundamentally wrong is codecs used for audio/video,
QOS area or in firewall (ports being used for these types of conversations).
If anyone has any ideas or can tell me how to simply track down problem I
(and perhaps Microsoft guys) would be very happy to hear them.

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Just thought I would post How I solved my Audio problem in MSN Messenger
The last two steps I performed must have corrected my problem.

Below are the steps, provided Logitech Support Site.
1. Launched Windows Messenger and executed the audio tuning wizard.
2. Go to "Start" select "Run" type "msmsgs" and click "OK".
3. With Windows Messenger open, click "Tools" and select "AudioTuning
4. Follow the steps which are provided by the "Audio Tuning Wizard" and
select your desired Microphone & Speaker device.
5. Once this process is complete, close the Windows Messenger application.
The configuration change made through Windows Messenger should now be set in
the MSN Messenger 7.5 application.

After that was done, I went to Programs, Accessories/Entertainment/Volume
Control/and unmuted S/PDIF-IN & Auxiliary.....( I had done this before, but
it didn't solve the problem, so that's why I'm thinking it was a combination
of steps that I took.)

I certainly hope this will be of help someone......I had about gone beyond
Oh, I am using a Logitech Fusion Camera....


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