HELP - Limit connections per IP in IIS6

HELP - Limit connections per IP in IIS6

Post by sitemaste » Wed, 20 Jun 2007 01:27:32

We are running a large website on Server 2k3 and IIS6 and we are having a
huge problem.

We have some users that are browsing our site from behind what appears to be
a proxy server and when they visit the index page of the site (which has
over 100 inside links) the proxy server attemps to open a connection to each
and every link at the same time (from the same IP address)

Is there a way in IIS that anyone knows of to limit how many simultaneous
connections can be allowed per IP address

We already set the connection timeout to 15 seconds and max 150 connections
in the website properties.

Thanks in advance

HELP - Limit connections per IP in IIS6

Post by sean » Wed, 20 Jun 2007 15:26:39

IMHO, what you can do is place your webserver behind a reverse proxy,
and let the proxy control the limit on number of simultaneous
connection. You can try SafeSquid. It has a feature called 'Limit',
which can be used to control - no. of requests, download transfer,
upload transfer and QoS.