Upgrading MySQL

Upgrading MySQL

Post by amera » Fri, 03 Feb 2006 02:11:35


I seem to be running Mysql 3.23. I want to upgrade to 5. I looked at
the downloads page and cannot figure out which Linux version I should

I am running Red Hat 9.0. My box has Asus motherboard and an AMD

Can someone please help and suggest which one I'm supposed to download
and install?


Upgrading MySQL

Post by Bill Karwi » Fri, 03 Feb 2006 03:14:41

I'll assume you have an 32-bit AMD chip. If you have an Opteron or other
64-bit AMD chip, you'd need to use the MySQL distribution labelled for
AMD64. Otherwise using the x86 distributions for Linux is fine.

You can find out specific information about your CPU on Linux by this
cat /proc/cpuinfo
List of AMD 64-bit chips can be found here:

Here's my recommendation:
Linux (non RPM package) downloads:
Linux (x86) ... Max 5.0.18

The reason I don't favor using an RPM package on Redhat is that they have
created so many interdependencies between RPM packages on their Linux system
that it's virtually impossible to upgrade MySQL (or any single package)
through the RPM method. At least, I've never been able to do it.

The endorsed way to do it is to subscribe to the Redhat Network (which costs
$$$) and upgrade all packages simultaneously. I assume the RHN does not
offer MySQL 5 yet. But I cannot verify that, because there doesn't seem to
be any information about current offerings from rhn.redhat.com.

My solution would be to shut off the existing MySQL 3.23 daemon, install the
current version of MySQL 5.0 from a non-RPM distribution, and then enable
that. The RPM database will continue to believe it has MySQL 3.23
installed, and since MySQL is mostly backward-compatible, the other packages
that may use MySQL won't know the difference.

One significant exception regarding backward compatibility between MySQL
3.23 and 5.0 you should be aware of is documented here:

Bill K.


Upgrading MySQL

Post by Suchit Ahu » Sat, 17 Jun 2006 22:30:45

I have MySQL 3.23.58 running. I would like to upgrade to 5.0.x
Please provide some guidance.
Thank you.


Upgrading MySQL

Post by Kai Ruhna » Sun, 18 Jun 2006 03:04:35

Read, think about it, read and understand


and the sub chapters then


That should cover all MySQL related changes. Remember that you also
might have to relink (or even recompile) your software that links
against MySQL.


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