Avoiding multiple edits

Avoiding multiple edits

Post by Fishgriddl » Sun, 10 Aug 2008 04:08:02

I am still very new at this as I have inherited a website to maintain. I did
not build this site but I believe the person who did must have a emplate type
page designed somewhere that the rest of the pages where built on. My question
is, if I find this page and edit it, will the changes be reflected in all pages
built upon that template within my website? Otherwise I feel I will need to
change all 36 pages.

I know more information will be required to answer this fully, but as of yet,
I do not know what.

If you care to view the site, it is: friesenequipment.com

Thanks in advance :smile;

Avoiding multiple edits

Post by n h » Sun, 10 Aug 2008 05:23:37

it doesn't look like the site is using a template. otherwise it would
say so after the doctype in the code (you would also see a yellowish
border around the page when you have it open in Dreamweaver).

however, depending on what it is you need to edit, you may be able to do
it with the Find and Replace feature. you have be very careful about
this, though.

you should look up Find and Replace in the Dreamweaver help for info on
how to use it.