Search Engine Builder

Search Engine Builder

Post by ~Billy » Sat, 08 Oct 2005 07:43:41

I have come across several shareware programmes for building and uploading
search functions for websites.

The ones I have tried so far are - Zoom Search Engine, Xtreeme Search Engine
Studio, Search Engine Builder, and Search Engine Composer.

All seem to work ok, but does any one recommend one above the others or are
there any others I havent come across? Are there any FREE ones out there?

Also, how do I get .asp pages to be shown in the search results, all my
results seem to be from HTML pages...

Search Engine Builder

Post by johngib » Fri, 28 Oct 2005 16:18:12

I use and recommend Zoom ( ), and like it
better than the others mentioned (which I've also tried).

Zoom is the most flexible, providing output for PHP, ASP, JS, and CGI -
which allows me to pick the script that's suitable for the site in
question. It's also simply the nicest to use, with a very well designed
interface and an overall professional package. It also seems to get me
the most relevant results on my site, compared to the other search
engines (even Google... since I can control what Zoom indexes and give
weighting to certain things).

As for your .asp pages not appearing... maybe you should make sure you
have ".asp" added to the extensions list in the config window. I have
no problem using Zoom to index asp pages on my sites.