Site Review - I'd welcome feedback on my site before I go too much further

Site Review - I'd welcome feedback on my site before I go too much further

Post by Anura » Mon, 06 Jun 2005 01:48:44

Hey there....

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Surely it is cheaper to find a backup solution for this chap than to
suggest he change all his hardware and upgrade his software at what may
be great costs to him. How much would HP charge for software upgrades
from VMS 5.5 to 7.3 for multiple machines ?


His apps, or layered products, may not support newer versions of VMS
without also being upgraded which could be a cost and/or technological

As for alternate tape drives, there are 16-bit SCSI daughter-boards
(KZCCA's) that existed for the 4000 series of VAX systems. I still have
one installed my in decommissioned 4000/100 which did run 5.5-2 (not h4)
when first installed. It isn't perfect since the console can't see the
drive which is a problem for standalone backup tape boots, but once VMS
is up and the driver is loaded, VMS can manipulate it just fine and I
connected multiple SCSI style tape drives (ie. DAT, DLT and VXA) to this
adapter without issues.

My only reason for 'chiming in' is that I had to run on a frayed
shoe-string budget for years, so I can appreciate where this individual
might be coming from and I replaced my 4000/100 with CHARON-VAX simply
because the HW maintenance was poor and became too costly,
self-maintenance then became a problem because of difficulties with
sourcing spares, and overall system dependability was starting to suffer
-- not to mention our system was simply our of performance gas...

Best regards,

Barry Treahy

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