Trouble using File > New > Page Designs > (MX)

Trouble using File > New > Page Designs > (MX)

Post by Rich » Sun, 31 Aug 2003 03:13:45

Help, Help,

I am teaching DW MX and Using the Getting Started Tutorials as my textbook. We are using DW MX for Windows on Windows 2K OS.

I'm running into a problem after we've been directed to create a new page by Choosing File > New > Page Designs > Text: Article D with Navigation. We're creating a new document, not a new template.

When a new document is created, we can save with no difficulty. BUT, when we create a new CSS sheet and try to attach it to this newly created (and saved HTML doc), DW MX creates a folder in my site named "mm" with a subfolder name "stationary" with yet another subfolder named "H_storyB"

Then when we try to save the HTML doc (because we added the <LINK> tag in the <HEAD>, DW MX asks us to copy the CSS to the subfolder "H_storyB", because it has written that path in our <LINK> tag. The CSS sheet resides in a folder we created.

This confused me, and it really confuses newbies. I don't want my CSS in that folder. I want my CSS in a folder I designate. I don't use these Page Designs, but I worry that this happens with all these? I guess I show my ignorance of DW MX templates.

I've figured out that what I am seeing is somehow related to the fact that I created this file by using the Template for "Text: Article D with Navigation" the command Modify > Templates > Detach Template is disabled.

What gives and is there any way to prevent this undesired creation of folders, etc? HTML documents not created through Page Designs behave "correctly."

Thanks so much,
Heald College Portland Oregon

Rich in Portland, OR Mac OS 10.2 and 9.2.2, DW MX

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