Can't connect to MySQL-MySQL messed up

Can't connect to MySQL-MySQL messed up

Post by Star » Thu, 27 May 2004 07:36:43

Hello all:

MySQL is all messed up! I can't get it to run.

It worked great on Thursday. I downloaded a shopping cart--either the
shopping cart messed it up or I did an illegal shutdown.

I keep getting:
mysqladmin: connect to server at 'localhost' failed
error: Can't connect to MySQL server on localhost (10061)
Check to see mysqld is running and port is 3306

Ok. So I uninstalled MySQL and re-downloaded it.
so I tried C:\mysql\bin\mysqld --console
Now I get:
Error message file... had only 198 error messages, but it should contain 239
error messages.
Check that the above file is the right version for this program!

So when I run
it says:
Distrib 4.0.18 for Win 95/Win 98 on i32

I'm running on XP but when I went back to MySQL to re-download there is no
choice for Win98 or XP, it's just one.

Should it say "Distrib 4.0.18 for Win XP"?
Should I be looking for a way to kill sleeping connections?
Did I mess up re-loading MySQL?
How do I connect again?

Thank you if you even read this post! I think I'll take a break and do
something productive--like watch paint dry.

Thanks for any hints to this forever newbie!

Can't connect to MySQL-MySQL messed up

Post by Sgt_Baboo » Wed, 09 Jun 2004 03:11:47

I am also having this problem. My MySQL server is not on the same machine as the webserver, yet it tries to use the webserver when I create a db.

What is the problem here?