can't get image to display

can't get image to display

Post by Peg4 » Sun, 14 Sep 2003 02:28:42

Long time user but having a first time problem that I can't solve.

I went to upload a new image to my site and it won't display.....even ran it through PS7 and renamed it, etc. Dont his thousands of times. It won't display.

The other odd occurence is that the page where I want it to show shows " %7Eal42inf/photo_gallery.htm" in the location bar with that odd symbol data instead of the tilde. All the other pages on the site show properly: It's just this photo_gallery.htm page that is showing these symbols.

The only other odd thing happening (this all seems to be image related) is that the brown background that I usually have for my index page won't display either. All the information is showing up but the background isn't showing up.
This site has been up for years and nothing new has been done or added to it so I'm completely puzzled as to why it's behaving this way.

Could someone suggest something else I could try? I've contacted where the page is parked to see if maybe something is happening at their end. I really don't know what else to try to do to fix the problem.

Thank you.


can't get image to display

Post by Th0r » Sun, 14 Sep 2003 02:44:19

Hi Peg,

The first image is broken because the code says:
<img src="/images/john_wells.jpg" alt="John Wells" width="276" height="403">

It should say:
<img src="images/john_wells.jpg" alt="John Wells" width="276" height="403">

Remove the leading slash.
Same thing goes for your index page background image.


can't get image to display

Post by Peg4 » Sun, 14 Sep 2003 05:05:14

Thank you!!! It works now!! I can't tell you the amount of time I spent "trying" to figure out what was wrong. I should have come here right away.
I wonder how that slash got placed in the front??
Anyway, I will forever be mindful of this and thank you again so much for your help and quick response.