connecting to local mySQL using MySQL Administrator

connecting to local mySQL using MySQL Administrator

Post by jslt » Wed, 17 Oct 2007 06:53:13

I've had a problem using a remote mySQL database for dreamweaver php
development (no tables would show in the database view). So I decided to
install mySQL locally on my development machine.

I use mySQL administrator to manage my databases and not sure how to connect
to the new local mysql I've installed ?

Since installing mysql 5.0 I've not created any databases etc, so I guess I
need to do that first to have something to connect to ...?

second, what details do I use to connect:

Hostname: localhost ?
port: 3306 ?

Any advice, much appreciated.

connecting to local mySQL using MySQL Administrator

Post by Nick Barli » Wed, 17 Oct 2007 09:42:11

In order to connect to MySQL you need to create a MySQL connection, which you
can do in Dreamweaver, assuming you are using Dreamweaver for your development?

In any event whether you are using Dreamweaver or not you need to provide
MySQL with this basic information:

the server address (this will be localhost if you are testing locally
depending on the port that you have Apache operating on)



database name

If you use Dreamweaver (DW) to create this MySQL connection then DW creates an
include php file for you. DW attaches the include file to each page whenever
you select the connection in a 'server behavior'.

In order to create a MySQL connection you need to have a defind DW site a page
with a document type (php) and a functioning testing server.

I am not sure what you mean by 'no tables showing in the database view', but
if you mean RECORDSETS, the problem could be page construction and handling the
data and/or SELECT query.


connecting to local mySQL using MySQL Administrator

Post by jslt » Wed, 17 Oct 2007 15:27:22

Hi Nick, thanks for your reply.

I'm familiar with connecting to databases from DW, connection strings etc.
But when I do create a connection which is 'successfully' tested, the database
tables do not show in the database window of DW ?

This is why I installed mysql locally, to hopefully resolve this. However I
couldn't connect to mysql using mysql administrator to manage it. This was my
query in the post.

I've now setup users for mysql server and a database. Now I can conenct using
mysql administrator using the hostname 'root' etc.

Thanks for your input. I may post back and get some feedback if I still can't
see tables via DW from my local mysql server also.

Thanks again.