File Panel problems: keeps disconnecting on F8

File Panel problems: keeps disconnecting on F8

Post by dbonnevill » Tue, 31 Jan 2006 14:40:14

Is this supposed to happen? When I toggle the file panel view from the left
column to the full screen view, the FTP connection breaks. When I get from one
to the other view, the little "connect" icon shows that I'm disconnected. If I
move a file or do a sync, I can see it going through the normal connect

I'm on Dreamweaver 8, OS X 10.4.4

On a related note, the file tab disappears if you go to view the full view and
then go back to the main application window by some other means than using the
F8 key. I have to use either F8 or the little toggle-view icon. If I don't
toggle using F8 or the icon, when I get back to the application / current open
files view, the files tab is missing. If I go back to full file view, and click
F8 or the toggle icon, the tab reappears where it should be. In either case, I
have to keep reconnecting to the server because switching views causes the ftp
connection to break.

I have been on Dreamweaver on a PC up through 8, and I don't think this is
happening on the PC.

Is there a setting for this somewhere?