FW-MX2004 to DW-MX2004, then edit in FW, done, and problems

FW-MX2004 to DW-MX2004, then edit in FW, done, and problems

Post by austinBil » Wed, 29 Oct 2003 08:32:31

In FW and DW MX I was able to easily edit a table created from a FW.png with behaviours by clicking the EDIT button while in DW. I could edit the image or change a roll-over or menu item, click done and everything was groovy, baby.

With MX2004 the same thing "appears" to work, but when I test in the browser the rollovers no longer swap images and the menu no longer appears.

This is different from the problem I've seen others describe where they got an error message when trying to export to DW.

Is something configured differently between the two versions?

win2000, MX2004, plenty of memory and space, existing DW site which was recognized, design notes are enabled.


I started with .png created in FW, opened it with FW2004 and deleted all the behaviours. I then added the simple and disjointed rollovers and the 2004 style pop-up menu.

I exported this to DW2004 and everything is cool.

I selected the table, cliced the EDIT in FW button, changed the position for the menu and clicked DONE...

however when testing in browser rollovers no longer change image and menu does not display.



I have several screens with overlapping slices.
However, if I choose a slice that is on top
and export it, it still gets chopped based
on the slice guidelines that may be UNDER

Here is my example:

I want to export just that top corner slice. So I choose it and name it


But the resulting image is still sliced up more than I want....


Any suggestions? I have this happen with many of my screens and it is very

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