Halo, halo, who's got the halo?

Halo, halo, who's got the halo?

Post by Mike Packa » Sat, 06 Sep 2003 08:26:51

Anyone with information regarding the mysterious new "Halo" look and feel,
please do a community service and post all details here. Thanks in advance.

Here's some stuff I came up with:

"In addition to using our products to develop the new macromedia.com, we've
also incorporated Halour new look and feel. Breeze users (especially
Breeze Live and Central beta testers) will recognize this look and feel. In
fact, all end user-facing applications have a Halo look and feel, as well as
all of the components that ship with the MX 2004 products."

"The most notable change you probably see is the new visual redesign. It was
driven in part by our Halo design, a new aesthetic and interaction design
approach that we developed for HTML and Flash elements. Halo pervades the MX
2004 launch."

"The MX Elements and Halo give developers an opportunity to provide Internet
users with an optimized and consistent rich user experience. Halo is
inspired by the properties of light, and Macromedia believes Halo will make
the digital world a brighter, friendlier place."

Good lord, it's the proverbial "silver bullet"! Can it be?


Halo, halo, who's got the halo?

Post by Mike Packa » Sat, 06 Sep 2003 14:31:11

> stuff

I, for one, love GUI standards. As long as they make sense. Microsoft has
really blown it in this area and has been the perpetrator of so much user
unfriendliness. At least the web lets us roll our own, to a point.

What MM needs to do, if they really want a new "standard", is to take it to
some authority, like ANSI, and get some official consensus from the
computing community leaders.

Or put the thing out on Open Source. Yes, there are pros and cons to all
these suggestions. But MM alone deciding what is a "standard" and expecting
the world to adopt it -- that's pretty arrogant unless they really have some
miracle interface design.

All in all though, it good to see someone trying to start putting some
standards in place for web interfaces, because I really think that most of
what's out there is not all that great, to tell the truth.

So, I'm really looking forward to putting a halova halo on my new web apps.