how to add a volume control to swf flash....

how to add a volume control to swf flash....

Post by matroxma » Fri, 04 Aug 2006 14:17:14

How do you add a volume control to swf flash video so people can control the
Where might I download some skins that will have a volume control?

I use Sorroson Sqeeze which has a few player skins that imbed but there is no
volume control.

I put weddings on the web for my customers...That's why I need to have audio

Thanks soooooo much,

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Here's an irritating problem, does anyone else suffer?!

My Flash and .swf files are in a sub-directory called "flash". I have a file
main.swf which sits in an HTML table and loads menu.swf like this:


Dreamweaver loads the main file from within "default.asp" with:

This works fine on the remote server and within Flash via Test Movie - but it
doesn't work on my local IIS testing server. All the directory structures are
the same but loadMovie() fails. I can fix it though -
loadMovie("flash/menu.swf",this.menu_mc); does the trick. It then works on both
the remote and testing servers. However, it doesn't work in Flash which, not
surprisingly, is then looking for a "flash" directory within the "flash"

The IIS structure is straightforward - C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\site\flash

Is this normal behaviour and if so what is the difference between the remote
and testing servers?

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