stopping external SWF when new SWF is loaded

stopping external SWF when new SWF is loaded

Post by worldthrea » Tue, 24 Jul 2007 23:25:02

Ok.... hmmmmm. I am currently working on a flash site that loads external SWFs
for each page. one of the SWFs contains a sitepal movie. the sitepal has been
coded to stop playing and unload on a frame change but it keeps playing when a
link in the index is clicked and another SWF comes in. (in other words there is
no frame change. the new SWF loads but the old one keeps playing)

make sense?

I just need the site pal to stop playing when the next SWF loads!

each link on the bottom is part of the main.swf (index.swf)...
I need the links on the bottom to "turn off" the SWF when a new page is
choosen. the External SWFs are labled 1-5....
attached is a simple diagram in .jpg format explaining the functionality of
the site!

: )

any insight is appreciated...


IM NO CODE MONKEY.... more of a point-click, copy-paste type o dude..

//the code for the main SWF is:

if (oMenu != cMenu) {
if (cMenu == 0) {
tv = -1000;
} else {
tv = 0;
if (oMenu == 0) {
contentReady = 1;
if (cMenu != -1000) {
if (oMenu != -1000) {;
oMenu = cMenu;
function Slider() {
if (showC == 1) {
Holder.Movies._x = Holder.Movies._x+((tv-Holder.Movies._x)/6);
Holder.Shade._x = Holder.Shade._x+((tv-Holder.Shade._x)/4);
function contentChange() {
if (contentReady == 0) {
for (i=1; i<=nMenus; i++) {
if (i == cMenu) {
_root.StoredActions.Holder.Movies.Holder2["CMovie"+i]._x = 0;
} else {
_root.StoredActions.Holder.Movies.Holder2["CMovie"+i]._x = 3000;
contentReady = 0;
function imageChange() {
if (imageReady == 1) {
for (t=1; t<=nThumbs; t++) {
if (t == cThumb) {
_root.Images.Images["Image"+t]._x = 0;
} else {
_root.Images.Images["Image"+t]._x = 2000;
imageReady = 0;

//the code for sitepal is:

cs_nosound._xscale = 75;
cs_nosound._yscale = 75;
//"", "",

cs_nosound.loadMovie(" %3A%2F%2Fv 2Fgetshow.php%3Facc%3D30369%26ss%3D551435%26sl%3D0
function vh_sceneLoaded(sceneIndex) {

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i should say that the button which unloads the .swf is in the
main .swf not the external .swf which gets unloaded.

i loading the swf as such:

private function loadPlayer():void {
var swf_loader:Loader=new Loader;
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playerLdr =;
pContainer.visible = true;

any ideas?

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