Flash Movie to create Flash movie?

Flash Movie to create Flash movie?

Post by lenti_muit » Mon, 01 Mar 2004 23:23:00

Anyone have any experience using Flash to create a Flash movie. What
I want to do, is have the user open a movie and be presented with
options to control the background, give the app a name - but also be
able to drag n drop a text box onto the movie and give it some
settings, as well as other movie clips, images, etc.

When they are finished I want them to be able to save this and then
view the Flash movie they created,

This movie would be running on it's own server using apache so that as
they create a movie, they can go a view it.

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I have a flash website which I tried to update recently. In particular, I am
updating my photo gallery which I load within another flash using loadMovie.
Before updating it, everything worked fine. The update is not completed yet,
but I notice that my photo gallery is playing extremely slow compared to
before. I did add some new graphics such as fading in and stuff like that, but
nothing serious. If I played the clip by itself, ie. typing in the actual
photogallery.swf, it plays at full speed. When I run the photogallery through
my regular website, meaning loading it through loadMovie, it plays very slow.
The photogallery.swf is only 58k in size, so download speed shouldn't be the
case. Nevertheless, I tried adding a IfFrameLoaded just in case but that didn't
solve my problem. Anybody has any ideas why it might be playing slow when I'm
using the loadmovie function and plays fine when I just reference it directly?

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