Load Movie within Movie and create action

Load Movie within Movie and create action

Post by jmpark » Wed, 13 Aug 2003 10:39:49

Hello -
I am working on a treasure map game. I have a movie that is a spinner and another movie with a map. I am having trouble placing the spinner movie on the maintimeline with the map movie. The spinner movie does not work. Can anyone help?

In the spinner movie when the "spin" button is clicked it will randomly land on a number - I would like to create some sort of action scripting to interact with my map - I want the number to tell me how many spaces to move on the map movie and then have an action of some sort. This will be random each time. Does anyone have tips for this or example sripting that I can look at to make this work?

Maybe there is a better way to do this all together? I need to have a random number to move from space to space on the map (and would like to use a spinner) after landing on a space an action will occur. Help....

Thank You!

Jacqueline Parks