Importing PageMaker or PDF files into Flash

Importing PageMaker or PDF files into Flash

Post by feetfirs » Fri, 28 Jan 2005 18:15:13


I work for a publishing company called CGP. We produce educational books and
have recently decided to enter the eLearning arena. It seems to me that Flash
MX 2004 is the best software to use, but I'm trying to work out the best way to
convert our current Adobe PageMaker files into Flash files. I need to do so in
such a way that the text and graphics are still editable in Flash.

I've tried several options - each of which has problems:
Copy and pasting text directly from PageMaker to flash works, but all the
formatting is lost and it has to be done one text box at a time.
Turning our PageMaker files into .eps, .ps or .sep files means we can import
them, but all the lines become thick, messy and need a lot of reformatting to
get them right + the text has the same problem as mentioned below.
Turning pagemaker files into PDFs and then importing into flash seems to work
the best. However all the text is split into single line text boxes and I can
see no quick way to convert it back to paragraphs. This in itself isn't a
major problem, but it also seems that where a font change within a line of PDF
text, flash produces copies of parts of the sentence in small text boxes,
sometimes aligned with the original text and sometimes misaligned so it looks
like a jumble of letters.
Another method I tried was to convert to PDFs, drop them into FlashPaper 2 (I
downloaded the trial version) and turn them into swf files. I then tried to
import the swfs file into flash, but all I got was the component parts of the
FlashPaper interface.
I've also tried converting our Pagemaker files into InDesign CS (which is a
package we might switch to) files, but this doesn't seem to offer me any more
Do you have any suggestions for efficient conversion?
I was also wondering if FlashPaper 2 swfs could be made into an exe file?
I've very much like to use this instead of PDF viewer on our CDs because it is
self contained rather than relying on people installing the flash player or
PDF viewer.

I'd really appreciate any help anyone can give.

Importing PageMaker or PDF files into Flash

Post by B!L » Fri, 28 Jan 2005 23:22:04

Hi FeetFirst

seems like you've got quite a problem there. I've not tried to get PM stuff
into flash myself, but I've had a lot of experience with page layout programs
and graphics apps generally.

It sounds as though you've taken a good methodical approach in trying formats
- ps, eps, etc - but I'd be most suprised if you could get the PM files
imported/translated without a great deal of tweaking afterwards. Generally,
I've found that its quicker in the long run to start again from scratch :-(

A couple of wild cards - have you tried WMF or the newer EMF? (does Pagemaker
support them?) I've had some good results with these, mainly with vector
graphics, but I'm not sure how they'd handle large amounts of text.

This may alos be a long shot - HTML - Flash now seems to handle basic text
formatting quite well with html - It would almost certainly lose some of the
finer areas of formatting from PM, but may be a good base to start from in Flash

You can create executables from swf files using swf studio from

good luck



Importing PageMaker or PDF files into Flash

Post by feetfirs » Sat, 29 Jan 2005 22:31:11

Hi B!L,

Thanks for the advice, I'll try all the stuff you suggested - I'm ever optimistic that there is a solution out there even if it is buried with Mulder's Alien sister!

Thanks again