loadMovie() will not play loaded swf.

loadMovie() will not play loaded swf.

Post by Patrickste » Wed, 13 Oct 2004 16:07:40

please forgive if double-posted.

I have a collection of "little swf" that are being imported into a "big swf"
on a lookup basis.

.attributes.swf; //grab string from XML file for correct map
item3 = loadMovie(mapSWF, _root.item2); // load movie onto stage, replacing

In this current state, if i click on the map in OUTPUT a message will appear
which im betting has something to do with the problem.

Target not found: Target="/currentMap" Base="_level0.mapPlaceholder"

I can alleviate this issue by changing the name of the instance of the
placeholder to currentMap. This of course still doesnt solve the problem of
why the swf wont play or perform its functionality.

Where did I *** this up?

Any help you can offer would be appreciated.


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I have a main swf file that loads in 2 other swfs.
The 2 other swfs have on their timeline a movieClipController the
their timeline in reverse when a button is clicked.
When I view the 2 swfs on their own everything works as it should, the
plays in reverse.
But when I load either of the swfs into the main swf and click on the
button that reverses the timeline nothing happens.

This is the code on each frame of the MC Controller

Frame 1. stop();

Frame 2. _root.prevFrame(); // Frame 2 has the label "base" on the
layer above.

Frame 3. gotoAndPlay("base");

This is the code on the (play in reverse) button

on (release) {

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Regards Max

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