loadMovie doesn't load current swf!

loadMovie doesn't load current swf!

Post by respondple » Sat, 02 Sep 2006 07:51:03

Hi all,

I am loading several swf's into my main Flash movie on the timeline. I've
published my Flash into an HTML document and everytime I update my smaller swf
and upload it to the server, the older version of the swf continues to play! I
even take careful steps to publish the smaller swf file. Then I even publish my
main Flash movie, and then I upload all the files to the server in the same
folder and everything! But every time the html plays it always plays the older
version of the smaller swf that I edited and uploaded! Do I need to incorporate
the source code for the smaller swf into my HTML doc as well? So frustrating,
please help!


loadMovie doesn't load current swf!

Post by ZeroLogi » Sat, 02 Sep 2006 09:04:41

Your browser's cache is just *** on to the old files. This has
little to do with Flash really. It's an issue with your browser not
determining that the .swf files have changed on the server. Empty your
cache and you'll be fine. Sometimes restarting your browser can be
enough as well. Or you can always change your cache settings to check
for new content more frequently.

Hope that helps.
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loadMovie doesn't load current swf!

Post by urami » Sat, 02 Sep 2006 12:04:55

clear cache folder, you loading files from your computer temp folders, not server.
Need to flush the cache and try to open the movie again to load new files.

loadMovie doesn't load current swf!

Post by respondple » Sun, 03 Sep 2006 03:25:28

hey urami,

thanks for your reply. it works now. funny, because I did clean everything -
cache, cookies, temporary internet files, but both browsers (IE and Firefox)
still played the old version.

but it works now. just wanted to say thanks!

loadMovie doesn't load current swf!

Post by urami » Sun, 03 Sep 2006 16:07:47

There is a way to make sure your force new file all the time rather than cached one.
You need to add some random junk to the file, this will make the server download new
copy each time the browser seek the file as it won't be identical to the one found in
cache while comparing.

It apply to loading swf or variables:

filename.swf?Flushcache=" +random(65000)

else you can always stamp the file with "time" so each file will never be
identical to another forcing browser to get new each session.

FILE.swf?" + new Date().getTime()

For example :

<PARAM NAME=movie VALUE="FILE.swf?" + new Date().getTime()">

Same apply if you load content into flash, to both, variables or swf files

loadVariables("url.txt?nocache="+random(65000), 0);

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loadMovie doesn't load current swf!

Post by Redigoogl » Mon, 04 Sep 2006 01:30:01

Your suggestion sounds important
since would not one's site become cached on any viewer's browser?
Seems like it also applies to posting of almost any content
as I experienced the same problem with newly posted images and html

Do you recomment the random approach or the time stamp?
One better than the other?

Since I'm a newbie to this web development stuff
should one stamp every page?

Thank you