Need help with looping Movie Clip

Need help with looping Movie Clip

Post by colormere » Fri, 20 Feb 2004 07:20:27

Can anyone help!!!!

I am creating a screen saver in flash, and I am trying to loop the animation,
but not workin

: Creating different movie clips on one timelin
: Each movie clip has an instance nam
: Calling each movie to play using instance nam
: Once my last movie clip is done playing I need it to start the animation
from beginnin
: I think my problem, since each movie clip is stacked one on top of other, I
can't see the first movie clip play, in other words it is hidden behind all the
other movie clips.

: How do I tackle this problem so to get the last movie clip to play the first
movie clip by hidding the inbetween movie clips.