loadMovie issue- mac ns 4.7, win ns 6.1

loadMovie issue- mac ns 4.7, win ns 6.1

Post by weirzbowsk » Sat, 21 Feb 2004 06:52:42


Currently working on a flash module which receives a string of data from an
asp page, which it uses to duplicate a movie clip, which then makes a loadMovie
call to populate itself with a jpg off of the server

This works perfectly in everything except for netscape 6 on windows and
netscape 4.7 on a mac. The data is loaded just fine (and the clip duplicaes)
but the jpgs never show up

Anyone experience this issue before

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hi. new to dw. have been building sites w/bbedit for years. am liking dw sans a lil problem i have encountered with images not displaying in netscape 4.7 (mac).

im looking at the code and the relative link looks fine/standard - <img src="images/whatever.gif">

when i look at site in netscape 4.7/mac the image areas are filled in with text that says "images.com"

there must be something in the dreamweaver code that is pointing at something other than the images directory. maybe the issue is not setting up a local root directory when i was editing the code on my machine? i was primarily using bbedit but opened in dreamweaver for some of the behavior tools...

see urls i am speaking of (again- it's just ns 4.7 mac issue)

i am aware that ns 4.7 does not support many css elements- the tw-co.com does use css, the second site doesnt use css--- both have the images.com text showing. i also know that 4.7 is only about 5% of users- but i hate putting something flawed out there

please lend me your thoughts.

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