Showing Hand cursor in FLVPlayback Skin

Showing Hand cursor in FLVPlayback Skin

Post by SirajKha » Thu, 22 Nov 2007 16:40:14

How can we show hand cursor in FLVPlayback Skin for Flash 9? I have tried giving "MC.buttonMode = true" but it didnt help.
Any suggestions?

Thanks in Advance,
Siraj Khan

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you can search for JavaScript to do this. also if the items you want them
to change when hovered over are hyperlinks, or other similar elements you
can change the cursor to any of the stock (resize, help, hand, etc....) with
It would look something like:
acronym{cursor: help;}
but obviously you'll need more info to implement it.


The email address on this posting is a "black hole". I got tired of all the
Please feel free to contact me here:

that when you get there your cursor automatically changes to a graphic, be
it a heart, or a house, or anything like that, can someone with experience
help me. I currently use FrontPage-2003(I just got it a day ago) :), thank

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