Menu button pop ups

Menu button pop ups

Post by mheddl » Sun, 07 Mar 2004 06:04:02

This should be an easy one to fix.

I have a four button menu. Each time one is pressed, a text graphic appears
giving a description of what each button title area means. When pressed the
button "goes to and stops" at a frame instance where the graphic lies. The
problem is that it will only show the first two menu items but not the last
two. A little hand showing a button comes up, but nothing happens when I click
it. I have no idea why it won't work.

on (press) {

is the code for each button with a different ("? ") depending on which menu
text I want to show.

Attached are screen prints so you can see the layout.

Menu button pop ups

Post by tallphi » Sun, 07 Mar 2004 06:56:00

hmm, the file doesn't want to download, so it's a little difficult to know
exactly what your problem is...
The code should be different for each button in that your four different
frames with the four different descriptions should all have different labels,
for example "menuitem1", "menuitem2", "menuitem3" and "menuitem4". Then the
code on the respective buttons will be
on (press) {
gotoAndStop ("menuitem1")
Also, have you accidentally put keyframes in the layer with the buttons, so
that once you have gone to the respective frame, the buttons no-longer have any
Hope this helps,