Loadmovie sizing problems

Loadmovie sizing problems

Post by PizzleH » Fri, 27 Apr 2007 07:02:50

when I cal the swf's I place them into a movie clip that's the same size (pixel
X pixel) as the blank movie clip I'm using.

When they get called into the clip though, they go full size, it's rather
strange. I need to know how to keep them at their original size, or to get them
to stay to the size of the blank movie clip. Either way's fine, as the swf's I
need to load and the blank clip are same size.

Any help would be sweet....

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Hi there,
I've 2 functions on the _root timeline at frame 0.

The first one loads in another swf movie at level 99 over a blank movieclip 'module' - module.loadMovie("online.swf",99);

The second one replaces 'vidscreen' with another swf movie - 'combining.swf'. vidscreen is a movieclip already in the movie 'online' - module.vidscreen.loadMovie("combining.swf",200);

When frame 275 of the 'online.swf' calls the second function though - the movieclip 'vidscreen' disappears, but doesn't load the movie...

If I create a blank movieclip called vidscreen and then replace it - it only works if I call the function from the _root timeline,
but it doesn't work when called from the online movie....

I always call the function by _root.vidLoader();

It's doing my head in - is there some problem with calling loadMovie() from a movie loaded with a loadMovie() command?


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