my_mc.swapDepths(INT) going crazy

my_mc.swapDepths(INT) going crazy

Post by Roman Bl » Fri, 27 Aug 2004 00:06:47

Hi actionScripters,

I'm not really new to actionscript, but the actual phenomenon is going
to drive me nuts:

Within my movie I create 8 movie clips which alternatively shall be
displayed as background with one special movie clip (this one already
created during authoring) being displayed in front.

I have played with it for quite a while now and it's getting more and
more weird.

First I thought "Ok, I simply have to change the stacking order using
MOVIECLIP.swapDepths(NEW_DEPTH), thus making sure the background has a
lower "NEW_DEPTH" than the foreground-clip." This did not work - either
the background won't show or the foreground won't show.

Shortening my learning process here, I found that setting the
background's depth to -16384 (as stated e.g. in Moock's "ActionScript
for Flash MX" for clips that shall be beneath all author-time content)
and then the foreground's depth to a positive value (here I'm using the
max value, 1048575) works fine. At first, that is.

The problem now is, after having done so 2 times (changing the
background's depth), the next time the code switches the background's
depth (and ALWAYS setting the foreground's depth to 1048575), the
foreground's depth becomes -16343. Right after having set it to 1048575!

When it comes to this, my whole movie's clips (that are children of the
foreground-clip) are cluttered all around the stage, wrong positions,
wrong sizes etc, and the foreground's depth stays at -16343 for the rest
of the time being.

To me this seems like a bug. I'm using Flash MX 2004 / Windows 2000

Has anyone ever observed something similar and maybe can lead me back
onto the actionscript-path?

Any advice welcome,