Help: Flash Player doesn't work!!! :( :( :(

Help: Flash Player doesn't work!!! :( :( :(

Post by sallieee » Sun, 28 Aug 2005 03:59:16

This is the same problem I have. If someone helps you would you let me know the solution.

1. hotmail and windows update HELP:(:(:(:(:(

2. Help with upgrading Blizzard:(:(:(:(

Sorry I think I messed up with the other message.
Being the owner of a Blizzard1240 card (the ones labeled 1260), I
thought about taking adavantage of the possibility to upgrade it to
060, like it says in the manual. Call to DCE. Great they say their
gonna send me the info by email on how to do the upgrade myself.
Meanwhile I buy an 060 processor. Time goes by. Bout 2 moths after I
call DCE. "Sure, we'll send it as fast as possible". Another two moths
pass by .Argggghhh, they've turned what was a favout into making me
lose money:( So I got this friend who's taking electronics in Uni and
he said that he'd do it for me, but he needs to know how to do it in
the first place, just so that it's not needed to mess around with the

If someone has done it, or knows how to do it I'd be more than
gratefull for your help. A new oscillator, and a voltage regulator
will be necessary, but is there anything else? Just to help things
out, my card has the processor soldered(What socket type should we buy
by the way). Doh!

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11. Protools-->I'm tired of the Instability-->> :( :(

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