Need help with a "water" effect

Need help with a "water" effect

Post by Prof. Pixe » Sun, 25 Apr 2004 12:01:00


I'm new to Flash, and I would like to know how you make a "liquid-filling-up-a-box" effect (i.e - a simple cube or tower that looks like it is getting filled up with water). Thanks


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I need to provide a pull-down that combines names from two different tables,
but I don't want to change the contents of either table. I want to combine
the the contents of a UnitPersonnel table and a NonUnitPersonnel table into a
Personnel_V view like this:

Last1 First1
Last2 First2

Last3 First3
Last4 First4

Last1 First1
Last2 First2
Last3 First3
Last4 First4

What is the appropriate way to get this result in Transact SQL? As a last
resort, I can produce the combined table using VBA in the MS Access front-end
file, but I would prefer to do it on the MS SQL Enterprise Server backside.

Thank you in advance for your help.


- Matt Lavery

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