High resolution image printing Issue with IE

High resolution image printing Issue with IE

Post by Naveed Jav » Fri, 16 Dec 2005 01:56:34

Hello everyone,

I have an image of 300 dpi. I need to use this in web application from which I
can print out cards. But the problem is when I see this image on IE it will
display very big on the screen and it will not printing the same size as I
want. Actual image size is 3.125 X 2 Inch with 300 dpi. When I am reducing the
dpi of the image to 72 dpi then the print quality is going very bad and un
acceptable for the client.

Please advice how can I manage this.

Thank you in advance


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I have an application where I need to print images where the size has been
reduced down to a fraction of a thumbnail and the original image is several
inches high and wide. We're using a special printing process where the dpi
is 2000x2000 or higher, therefore, when I reduce the size of the image, I
don't want to loose any pixels. In other words, if the image is 200 px by
200 px and I reduce the size down to 1/4 inch, I want the printer to still
read all 200x200 pixels.

The images are located on a remote web server so I can use asp.net, sql
server reporting services, or a winforms app using web services. I don't
want to use crystal reports. Can anyone recommend a good method to do this?



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