ASP architectu reply

ASP architectu reply

Post by Anan » Fri, 10 Oct 2003 04:49:01

u can get a good explanation from :


architecture, and how

1. Replying to an auto-reply with an auto-reply

2. Rule: "Reply using a specific template" doesn't reply to Reply

I think I missed something!

Clicking Tools -> Macro -> Macros shows the SaturnFirstResponse named macro
in the dialog box when the Module1 code is as shown below. When I change the
Sub to read "Sub SaturnFirstResponse(Item as Outlook.MailItem), the named
macro disappears from the dialog box.

Sub SaturnFirstResponse()
Dim olkReply As Outlook.MailItem, _
olkTemplate As Outlook.MailItem
Set olkReply = Item.Reply
'Change the template name and path on the following line
Set olkTemplate = Application.CreateItemFromTemplate("C:\Documents and
olkTemplate.Recipients.Add olkReply.Recipients.Item(1).Address
Set olkReply = Nothing
Set olkTemplate = Nothing

End Sub

3. Rule: "Reply using a specific template" doesn't reply to Reply-To:

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