Front Page Components and TS

Front Page Components and TS

Post by Baculu » Sat, 02 Aug 2003 22:22:03

Hello all,

Recently I have been trying to install Front Page (FP)
components onto my company's IIS server, which is also
our TS server. (I need the components to use some of the
FP form elements.) The previous IIS admin. was not able
to properly install the FP components due to known issues
between it and TS. (According to MS KB, "The stand-alone
version of the FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions,
Servext.exe, located on the FrontPage 2000 compact disc
is not designed to install the Server Extensions on
Terminal Server.")

Thus, in my attempts to resolve this issue, as advised, I
downloaded the fpse2k_x86_ENG.exe, which is the latest
version of the FP components, made sure the proper
services were stopped, and installed the SP.
Unfotunately the FP components still did not install
properly--they do not appear in the Server Extensions
manager, and the FP form elements still do not work

So...does anyone have any ideas or experience with this
issue? Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance,