I have a problem with LDAP (Active Directory).

I have a problem with LDAP (Active Directory).

Post by SnVsaW8gQ2 » Sat, 16 May 2009 07:28:02

Hi, I would like that they were helping me in a problem: I need to
authenticate my users inside the domain with the Active Directory without the
user' password, only the user name will be used to enter. It will be possible
it of doing.

Thank you in advance.


Julio Cesar Sosa
Caracas, Venezuela

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Has anyone configured a Neoteris IVE proxy to use LDAP and
LDAPS for authentication. If so, I have a few questions
that would appreciate any suggestions, even if you have
experience with AD and no Neoteris exerience:

Here's what I am trying to accomplish: Neoteris has this
new feature called "password management" that only works
via LDAP authentication. When the Neoteris accepts
requests for password expirations or resets, it switches
to LDAPS, which requires an SSL cert. On the domain, I'm
looking to create a seperate AD OU for external users that
are not going to be a part of our existing internal user
OU. This new OU will have different GP attributes for
security, and requires the ability to use LDAPS for
password management via the Neoteris. Can I
install/associate a SSL cert to AD itself? From what I'm
reading, it seems that I would have to install a new DC
and install a SSL cert within its local certificate store
to make this work. The problem with this approach, is that
a new DC for this purpose would also require a BDC for



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