Is ISessionObject::putref_Value() "safe"?

Is ISessionObject::putref_Value() "safe"?

Post by Tim Schwei » Fri, 18 Jul 2003 02:42:23

Hi folks,

Our IIS-based web application is a mixture of C++ DLLs and ASP pages with
VBScript and JavaScript.

We have our own COM object (an LDAP wrapper) with both C++ and VB
interfaces. We are using this COM object "independently" in both
environments; in other words our C++ code creates it's own instance to
use, and our ASP pages use Server.CreateObject() to create an instance
for it's own use.

This works just fine, although it is a bit wasteful since the C++ code
and the ASP code would sometimes both independently "log in" to the
COM object using the same credentials.

However, we just realized that we can put a reference to the COM
object in the Session object and refer to the same instance in both
places using ISessionObject:putref_Value(). This is very cool, and
seems to work as expected. But I am a bit uneasy using this
shared-instance technique -- it doesn't feel as "safe" as our previous

Is this a safe way to use most COM objects?

Are there any potential deadlock/memory/runtime problems I need to be
aware of using this new shared-instance technique?

Finally, can somebody explain a little bit about how the same instance
of a COM object can be used simultaneously in 2 different runtime

Thanks in advance,
Tim Schweitzer
Nortel Networks

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