help getting the samples/anything to work

help getting the samples/anything to work

Post by divillysau » Fri, 05 May 2006 01:08:10

ok, after more testing, this is what happens. dispite being told that
is the right syntax, it results in a NetConnection.Connect.Failed error
message. so does nc.connect("rtmp://localhost/damian");

however, using
results in
description = Not enough arguments
code = NetConnection.Connect.Rejected
level = error

the only way i can get it to connect to the server is if i provide my admin
username and password in the form of
nc.connect("rtmp://localhost:1111/damian", "username", "password");
this gives me a result of
description = Connection succeeded.
code = NetConnection.Connect.Success
level = status
level = status
code = NetConnection.Connect.Closed
straight after. is there any way to connect to the server without using my
admin? i'll settle for that for the time being if someone could outline a way
to keep the connection open once there. i have yet to get in a actually test
some code out for the application we're meant to be developing. there's a time
limit on this and i need to have a very rough prototype up and running in the
next two days, so any help would be mightily appreciated

help getting the samples/anything to work

Post by divillysau » Fri, 05 May 2006 23:52:01

ok, i figured out what was causing the problem, twas none other that mc afee
security thing. whatever it was doing it was blocking my attempts to connect to
the media server. even when i disabled everything. once i uninstalled the whole
thing it worked like a charm and all the sample/tutorials as well

mc afee your days are numbered...