Messages lost, remote Shared Object, stuck !

Messages lost, remote Shared Object, stuck !

Post by couli » Sat, 18 Oct 2008 00:16:43

Hello Community,

I created a simple Chat with Flex3 / FMS / PureMVC.

My first strategy was to use a remote shared object to hold a message String,
everytime the message was changes the onchange event was catched by all the
clients and the message updated on their panel.

Except that when we send messages at the same time (with a mate on local
network), only one message is broadcasted. We loose the other !, If we go one
after an other its all fine.

So i tried an other way, using"sendMessage", msg), and
having the server broadcast the message to all connected clients. It failed as
well when sending two messages very close in time.

I checked some chat code in FMS3 oreilly code, and they use shared object as

Could it be a server setting on the number of sync allowed per second ? or
should i queue something ?

Even if you are not sure.

Thanks a lot.