Searchable Gallery / Index of Videos

Searchable Gallery / Index of Videos

Post by JDSan » Thu, 09 Oct 2008 03:23:29

I've been looking high and low for this. Hopefully someone can point me in the
right direction. Keep in mind i'm not a coder. I'm a designer by trade, but i
know enough programming to be mildly dangerous if provoked.

I'm working with a development version of the Flash Interactive Streaming
Server on a Windows box that's also running IIS.

In essence we need to maintain a searchable / categorized library listing of
our videos. This listing would include a preview image and description. It
should also allow for categorization and of course should be searchable.

We need an application/program/widget that will present a web page that's an
indexed listing of all of the flv files available on our Flash server. This
listing must be searchable. Obviously we should be able to provide a short
description of the content of the video which is where the search hits would be
coming from?

It would be NICE if the app/script auto-scanned folders on the server to find
new videos but we would have no problem manually adding new videos either if

Ideas? Input? direction?

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I have a program with quite a few macros, so the formatting of the names used
in the program must be identical. I thought I could remedy this by adding a
database of some sort so that they would be forced to pick the name from a
list. I am quite in the dark about all of this and actually got the idea
from someone else on the discussion group. If someone could briefly explain
how that would work or a way to write the macro I'm looking for that would be
great. I would need the list to be updated by other people if that helps and
the person I got the idea from used a hidden sheet.

ps. if you need more information about something just let me know, I
understand if it's a little confusing since I'm quite confused.


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