FMS Recording Authentication

FMS Recording Authentication

Post by gopherma » Thu, 14 Aug 2008 22:53:52

Hi all,

I'm hoping an advanced FMS user/administrator (or Adobe) might be able to
offer some advice here. My environment is this:

- One server runs an administrative publishing system for (e.g) Authors (authenticated users) are able to post content to They are also able to record their *** /microphone to create
podcasts and videocasts.

- A second server resides in another location (not LAN) and runs FMS in a LAMP
environment, to receive authors video/audio and then move it to a
web-accessible folder for user download (not using a Flash Streaming server,
just progressive download).

What I'd like to do is this: From the SWF recorder a web request (i.e. not
rtmp/e) is sent to the FMS server with a session ID. The server checks to make
sure that the session is valid as per the publishing system. Assuming it's
valid, the system tells the FMS to allow that user's IP to connect to the FMS.
The system then sends back to the user's SWF the filename that should be used
for recording as per NetStream.publish(fileName, "record"), so that the system
can keep track of what file is used for which recording. After the user is done
recording (i.e. they hit the Stop button), the SWF sends an "I'm done" to the
server, and the file is moved from its FMS location to the web-accessible

The main thing is this: a non-firewall solution to allowing only certain IPs
to connect to the FMS. I've looking into the Users.xml, but that unfortunately
requires an FMS reboot. As the system could be recording more than one stream
at the same time, this isn't a viable solution.

FWIW: I'm working on a Developer's license for FMS 3, and the company I work
for is pretty serious about buying an Interactive Server license if I can get
this thing working.

I appreciate any time and advice. I'm a big fan of reading manuals and don't
need my hand held, so if you could even just point me in the right direction
with a page number, I could figure out the rest.



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Lon Hosford
May many happy bits flow your way!

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