Server Log Reader / Flash Log Player

Server Log Reader / Flash Log Player

Post by Russ » Sat, 18 Jun 2005 23:25:44

The Flash Log Reader / Player appears to have the potential to be a great tool,
but it is of little value to me so far, since generated reports do not display.

The FCS Log Reader reads my log and the steps displayed in the status window
seem correct. When I click on "Create Report", a progress bar appears and
fills to completion, and entries are added to the status window indicating the
report is being created, and then, that the report is done. But that is all
that happens -- no report is displayed. Documentation states that "The program
will generate and open a web page with the server information.", but no web
page opens for me.

I am running the FCS on a PC with Windows XP Professional, SP2. Is it
possible that some of the security protection built in to that environment is
blocking the display of the report? I do not get any error or warning

I will appreciate any suggestions on how to view the reports created by this
tool. I was pleased to find the tool, because such information should be
available with the basic product. Now, it just needs to work.