FMS3 Hangs!

FMS3 Hangs!

Post by Zzion » Wed, 05 Nov 2008 01:55:38

The flash server will hang sometimes.

Here is the information:
We opened the ports 1935,443,80,19350 for both udp and tcp
We used RTMPE for all connections.
It was operating successfully to delivery videos before it hanged
When It hanged,I checked the logs and found the following lines
Duplicate license key : MY SERIAL NUMBER HERE
Assert failed in .\admin\FCSAdminVHost.cpp line 112

What I suppose to fix the problem?

What is the problem?

FMS3 Hangs!

Post by techey » Thu, 06 Nov 2008 13:58:50

The server is unable to find the configuration file Vhost.xml, the permissions
are incorrect for reading it, or there is invalid XML in the file so it can't
be parsed.

Its a pretty horrible error message.