FMS connects but does not play video

FMS connects but does not play video

Post by Weber Scie » Sat, 22 Jul 2006 00:05:08


I installed FMS Developer editioni onto my server. The server is not live to
the world yet, but according to the manuals that shouldnt matter, FMS still
should work with the server. So, when I go to play a video through my new site,
the FMS consol says it is connected and a video is playing. But on the user
end, the video doesn not play, there is only a blank square showing in the
browser. How do I fix this?

FMS connects but does not play video

Post by bdecicc » Sat, 22 Jul 2006 03:46:12

I just went through the same thing and the documentation from
Macromedia kind of stiknks with the simple things.

When linking to the video, remember that the "streams" directory is
invisable. So build you directories as such:


When connecting to it use: rtmp://YourServer/YourApp/YourInstance/
And you video is input without the .flv.

I found the invisable comment on a third party website and gave it a
shot. It was such a releif to finally have it working.