Calling AVPresence diconnect / Close through JavaScript

Calling AVPresence diconnect / Close through JavaScript

Post by Keen_EYE_o » Fri, 17 Jun 2005 00:49:31


I have a Video Conferencing (More like a presenter broadcasting his video
stream to viewers) which has a single AVPresence compontent.

I need to know if method calls can be made on the AVPresence component,
through HTML < input type > buttons via JavaScript. Maybe like the Javascript
calls can be made to Layer 1 of my application, using which I can force
termination of the presenter's stream whether the client chooses to do so / or
not through the AVPresence Component.

I dont want to use the Flash buttons, since the close event maybe raised by a
custom client that wraps over my HTML and can be captured in a JavaScript.

I have bypassed SimpleConnect by using my Layer 1 to manage the connection
association with the Flash Components