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2. LabVIEW 7.1 Run-Time cannot find lvanlys.dll when run from networked computer

LabVIEW 7.1 RTE cannot find lvanlys.dll if executable is run from a
networked computer. No error from Ver 7.0

I've built a LabVIEW executable from Application Builder. I wish to
run it from a networked computer by pointing to that executable on
another computer's shared folder (both are WIN XP). If the executable
contains an analysis vi, then I get "Load Error 21 subroutine not

Build an executable containing only Median (this uses
lvanlys.dll). Share the folder where the executable is located and
copy lvrt.dll, lvapp.rsc and lvanlys.dll to that same folder. Run the
executable from a networked computer. Using LV 7.0, it will run ok.
With Ver 7.1, the error occurs because it cannot find lvanlys.dll.

If the Ver 7.1 RTE is installed on the networked computer, there is no
error - probably because lvanlys.dll is installed onto the networked
computer and it is found there. But if lvanlys.dll is deleted from
the networked computer and the RTE left installed on the networked
computer, no error. It now is able to find lvanlys.dll on the desktop
where the executable resides ? Is some registry key installed on the
networked computer that tells it this ?


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