FMS Cluster

FMS Cluster

Post by Troy Hammo » Sun, 19 Aug 2007 03:36:08


I need a setup to stream movies. This setup must have redundancy. What I am
looking to do is setup 2 FMS Origin servers and 2 Edge server. I want to
replicate the Origin servers with each other so that they are always mirrored
for the movies.

I guess what I am wanting to know is can I have the edge server connect to
both Origin servers? In a cluster environment like this I see in docs that each
server announces it is online. If I am reading this right then will the Edge
servers know when the Origin servers are online and when they are not.

I am shooting for as close to 100% uptime as i can. I will start with these 4
servers for now and add more as needed. Any info on this will be great.

FMS Cluster

Post by KevinStree » Sun, 19 Aug 2007 04:18:45


Edge servers will not automatically connect to multiple origin servers when
using the "anonymous" proxy mode. Instead, you can explicity specify the
origin to use in the RTMP URL. Your Flash application will have to be
implemented in such a way that it load-balances requests between the two
origins, and will try the other if the the first request fails. While not
"automatic", this mechanism provides alot of flexiblity; we have many customers
that have implemented very sophisticated load balancing schemes using this