Bug: (Annoying) Master-Detail Page throwing blanks randomly

Bug: (Annoying) Master-Detail Page throwing blanks randomly

Post by cyphe » Thu, 31 May 2007 23:02:43

We are facing a very unique and rather annoying bug in our Flex
project. The bug happens only on our Test servers and ran w/o issues
on developer workstations and on the dev server. The developer boxes
are standalone CF and the DEV and TEST servers are J2EE. We also
noticed that it happens more often when we use IE6 than Firefox..

This is what happens. When we click on a Master page item to view the
Details of a product, it randomly comes up with blank results.
Sometimes it would display w/o any issues and a lot of times it is
blank. The data is however still there. It just doesn't display. If I
repeatedly click on that item, it might show up one time. As I said
before this happens only on our test server. I looked up the
configuration of our Dev and Test Servers and they are alike.

Any direction to fix this issue is appreciated.

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I'm using Delphi 2006 update 2, and I'm experiencing in certain
circumstances I'm not capable to reproduce (but rarely) the situation
you see in the object.

I'm using a TADOQuery (ADOQuery1) as master and a TADOTable
(ADOTable1) as a detail data source; so the attribute
ADOTable1.DataSource is set to dsADOQuery1 (the TDataSource for the
ADOQuery1 query), then ADOTable1.MasterFields it set to "Chiave" (the
integer link field), and ADOTable1.IndexFieldNames is set to
"Chiave;DataInizio" (the link field + a date field).

It seems that when I exec a ADOTable1.Append, under certain
circumstances I can see all the records of the ADOTable1 table. If I
close and reopen the program, all seems to be returned normal.

Has anynone experienced the same (or a similar) situation?



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