Image Replacement - Effects? Sequences?

Image Replacement - Effects? Sequences?

Post by corywilker » Sun, 26 Feb 2006 04:11:57

Hello All,

I'm wondering if there's a canonical way to switch out images in sequence via
Flex. In other words, given a place holder: <mx:Image id="foo" />, I would
like to switch out the source of that Image every X seconds. I could do this
purely with ActionScript and some hacky code but I'm wondering if there isn't a
best-practice for this?

Cory Wilkerson

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Likewise Wrinklie.

Sorry deebs, but I can't get mine to do that.
Perhaps you could give a few more details:
Document DPI?
Rectangle size?


>> On Sat, 10 Jun 2006 20:53:03 +0100, deebs sauntered in and penned : >> >>> Here are 4 rectangles all with Inner Bevel applied. >>> >>> Of the four flavors of Inner Bevel available three introduce lines >>> >>> These additional effects too, if I remember well, have been around for >>> quite a while >> >> I'm sending mine back. Have tried to reproduce yours but shapes don't >> seem the seem and there are no spurios's :-((( >> >> -- >> A crash reduces >> Your expensive computer >> To a simple stone. >> Wrinklie >> 10/06/2006 21:56:07 Time courtesy Atomic clock >> >> skype name wrinklie1

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