PopUp window hiding

PopUp window hiding

Post by slaingo » Sun, 13 Apr 2008 07:25:40

There is probably a better answer, but you can always create your own popup
class with just a normal canvas, and copy in the CloseEvent handling, etc. You
would need to add it at the bottom of your application mxml file so cover other
controls using this.parentApplication.addChild() or similar, but when you
opening it you could add a listener to a particular canvas or set of canvases
hide events. Ie. set the parent which you would then add a listener to, or even
take an array of parents and do the same.

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To eliminate or reduce pop ups of various types you need to install a firewall ,
either a personal one or a internet device at your cable/dsl modem - even the cheap
ones at Best Buy from Linksys, D-Link, Microsoft, or Netgear will help immensely and
come preconfigured to block all inbound access. Otherwise you can download free ones
off of the internet - Zone Alarm is good for a novice user to set up, while Sygate or
Kerio are more powerful but require more knowledge of tcp/ip to set up properly.

Run a program that will detect and remove most adware/spyware/malware such as Spybot
Search and Destroy or Ad Aware. Then install a pop up stopper program. The new Google
tool bar is excellent at stopping pop ups and free. --- Steve


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